Aerenwe: Ruled by Queen Liliene Swordwraith. How interesting. Eldest Child has chosen to pick a country ruled by a girl. I guess there comes a time in every gamer's life when they decide to play the opposite sex.

Thurazor: Po has naturally decided to play the Goblin Nation, so no surprise there. It's technically NOT one of the legal territories, but eh, who cares! Rule of Cool baby! He's playing a new Regent, The Grand Abbott. A blooded Monk Regent.

Roseone: Should have known that Doug would choose the prime candidate from the rule book.

Seilwode: Tom picked the Elf kingdom sight unseen. Will he be the current ruler? Or one of his own manufacture? I have no idea.

Taurhievel: Megan has taken the other elf Realm.

Dhoesone: Mark has taken the half elf leader of Dhoesone.