Monday, March 5, 2012

Fall of An Empire

Ok, so the Thousand Year Game with Birthright didn't turn out so well. Such is life. Now, however, Eldest Child wants to play a game. So after some debate, I'm going back to my roots. My old Homebrew game, Ronlin.

An Introduction (Or Reintroduction, as the case may be);

It is a time of great strife. The Human Imperium is shattered. The Emperor died with no heir, or rather no legitimate heir. Pretenders to the throne rose up, but none of them satisfied the demands of the clergy. The Empire split assunder as two powerful men gathered support. Neither had Emperial blood, but both were men of conviction and cunning. The White King and the Black King.

The White King is a paladin who controls the southern half of the Empire, rich in land, magic, and psychics.

The Black King is the Black Blooded grandson of Colm the Assassin, who rules the northern half of the Empire, rich in resources, and technology.

The only part of the Empire that is not under the direct control of these two rulers is the Imperial City of Crynin. It is being held in trust by High Lord Piercival Ramirez. If the Black King and White King go to war it is Crynin that will be smashed in the center.

The people who would usually have the power to dissuade this course of action, the Cult of the Blue Oyster has fallen. Many of the old power houses have died or retired from active duty. There has been a lack of births of those who would be worthy to join their ranks. They are a shadow of their former forces, and are barely able to act as the enforcers of magical crime as is their writ.

The Dwarf/Elf war was barely avoided by G'norm the High Priest of Garl Glittergold revealing the secrets of gun powder to the world. This has lead to an interesting devolpment, while it ended the Dwarf/Elf conflict, it lead to the rise of the Orc Hegemony. The Hegemon, Karook, has changed the way that Orcs are acting. Previously they were the mercenaries of the world, going everywhere and fighting for all sides, they are now the weapons dealers of the world. The power of might which used to be their meat and potatoes, is now secondary to the amassing of gold. The Elves do not like their position as the worlds merchants being usurped, but are realitevly powerless against it, being hemmed in at all sides by enemies. The Dwarves on the other hand have become even more insular. The New Tychis is barely out of his childhood and is considerably more conservative then his predisissor.

So that's the state of the world today. Its been twenty years since the last heroes set out on a journey to the Land Unspoken Of, and thirty years since the Legendary Heroes ended the threat of the Shadow Realm, forty years since the Great Heroes slayed the Dragon known as the Eye, and it has been almost sixty years since Colm, the Assassin attempted to kill the Emperor.

Here's the Types of Campaign I am willing to run;
1. Keep Crynin free: An espinogue campaign based in Crynin.
2. Bastard Son of a Bastard God; The prophecies are clear, Jad, the true immortal of the Bastard God of War has had two children. The only way to stop the war is to kill the young generals.
3. Exploration: There are still great quantities of magical and psionics left over from the Psychic War. These artifacts can change the tide of war. If the Black King were to obtain them it would cause a massive shift in power. If the White King were to gain them, he would be unparalleled mystical might.
4. Agents of the Cult: Enforcers of magical crime. Psionics, Arcane, and Divine power are the enemy.
5. Merchants: Gold is the name of the game. There are people out there who can make money, and people who lose money. This is a game about the latter.
6. Dirty, Sexy, Politics: A political campaign.

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