Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Year 1- Fall

Year 1- Fall

Public Record;

Seilwode: Seilwode is declining into madness. However, with Rhoube Manslayer taking action, decapitating the wayward Lt. However, he is less pleased at the Emerald Queen's decree for all to attack elementals on sight. This puts many commoners at risk. The elemental siege has been resolved, but at great cost of lives. However, the Emerald Queen decreed a national celebration (agitate) and while wildly popular in the rest of the Domain, is barely holding onto Iscare, who are practically asking for Rhoube to rule them.

Taurhievel: Taurhievel sent someone to deal with the corruption that is rife in Avalliegh, and she took care of it. In a bold move, possibly knowing that the Manslayer is watching, the Prince flat out denied the Elven Armada to establish a presence of Corellian Lanthorian in Taurhievel. She also started a summit of the elven nations of Anuire. The only one left out was Llunabright, who is even more reclusive then Rhoube's group. The Manslayer came in and of himself, and made his presence (and wishes) known.

Rhoube: The Manslayer is VERY angry at the Queen of Seilwode, and is now attending her court personally. He is possibly going to force her into marriage.

Thurazor: How the mighty have fallen. Leroy Jenkins, former Finance Minister, former King is now the most wanted many in Anuire. The goblins want him dead for descrating the body of the Grand Abbott, and stealing the Grand Abbott's magical possessions. The rest of Anuire blames him for the war with Cariele, and wants him to stand for his war crimes. In a move of stunning clarity, the High Priest has invested himself as the new regent, immediatly ending the rebellion.

Aerenwe: Aerenwe was relatively quiet. Not much publically happened.

Dhoesone: Baroness Dhoesone turned back a bit on her hard line stance against magic usage, and has proscribed re-education of those using evil magic by the priests of Dhoesone.

Rhoesone: Rhoesone made a unique decree mandating that all trees logged must be replaced. The Baroness also has started taking plans for a grand library and is searching out the best place for it.

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