Saturday, January 14, 2012


First off, we have another player joining, Mark formerly of the Tech Team will be joining us. So as it stands we have:

Adam- Aerenwe
Doug- Roesone
Po- Thurazor
Tom- Seilwode
Mark- Dhoesone


Also. Here's the important part.

1. Suggested Reading. Besides the realm book of your taken province, I would also suggest the Book of Regency. It has additional domain actions and some tips on how to play a Regent. If you do not have access to this, let me know.

2. First Domain turn is upon us! I will send out an individual email to each one of you on what needs to be done. First turn is due Monday. Then late Monday I'll send out turn two. If you do not take an action, bad things could happen.

3. For those of you undecided in taking a territory, there seems to be two major fields. The north with Thurazor/Dhoesone, and the south with Roesone/Aerenwe. Tom is sitting pretty surrounded right now by NPC nations (Which is both good and bad). So right now the areas that look really good are Ilien/Meodore in the south, and Talinie/Cariele in the north. Those are just suggestions, by no means a mandate. A bigger field can make a big difference in the game.

4. Alliances are a must! You need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. On sunday, I'll be working on more showings of what you control. Possibly color coded. Remember, just because you might control an area, it does not mean that you control everything in that area.

5. I am thinking of whipping up a quick PDF of what each the Provence is, if you are interested. I will make one for each person that wants it. Otherwise, I'll just send off the page for the Provence.

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