Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As The World Stands

The Regents are taking their places. There's much going on with the Domains that they own. Then there is the things going on around them.

The Southern Coast- The Book of Days has been stolen from the Imperial City and may be in one of the Southern Coast Provinces, and the Spider is becoming more active.

Roesone; Regent Baroness Marlae Roesone is beset by enemies, Diemed and Ghoere.

Aerenwen: Regent Liliene Swordwraith has only minor problems at best. With the power of High Mage Aelis, they are one of the strongest magical Realms there is. The main issue that they have is the instability of the neighbor to the east Oseorde.

The Northern Marches- There are goblin armies massing in the Five Peaks and Markazor. Not to mention that it has been over twenty years since the Gorgon last swept the lands, it has been too long...

Thurazor: Thurazor is in a state of near rebellion. With the Grand Abbott taking over from King Graecher, only the Elite goblin tribes are sitting well with it. The other tribes are not sitting well with it. Many of them think that it is time for a new king, especially since Graecher had turned many of them to making things instead of war.

The Eastern Marches- Markazor and Mur-Kilad are growing more bold with each passing season.

The Seilwode: The Seilwode may have an easy battle on one front, but is beset by enemies. However, the magical power of them and the most favorable alley in Roubhe Manslayer.


  1. Well Game Master/Storyteller,

    Looks like this will be a long one... if we are doing a season a turn... and we are looking at about four thousand turns. True dedication of the gaming art.

    Still... looking forward to a little aggressive diplomacy from time to time.

  2. At one turn a day, it should only take 10 years to do. However, I think everyone will kill everyone else by turn 365. 91 or so years. I think we will have a 'winner' by then. Also, if people want, we can also accelerate things occasionally.

    Aggressive diplomacy? Don't you mean aggressive negotiations, Padme?

  3. Good point.. I do doubt the game will go for a thousand years. While I believe I have a good grasp of strategy... I am an amature at statecraft.

    And yes... aggressive negotiations

  4. Then perhaps you should join forces with other amateurs of statecraft. Notably Adam, Tom, or Megan. Po and Jim (Cain) are ones to watch out for.