Monday, January 16, 2012

Year 1- Spring

The Public Record:

Roesone: The feud between the Patrica and Dherene families took a toll on the province of Bellam Plains. It was finally resolved after the Court Bard made promises for the Baroness to make up the difference in what was needed in the dowry in the upcoming months. The drive to increase the numbers of people living in Caercas was a resounding success, but the last bit of Mebhaiglin was destroyed by the increase of people, cutting Rogr Aglongdier from one of his sources of magic, he has taken no of yet. However, that may change once he realizes that Roesone entered a mutual defense pact and trade agreements with Aerenwe, in exchange for leaving the Erbanian undeveloped.

Dhoeseone: Collects Taxes, that is all. Begins building a castle.

Aerenwe: The great captain of Ranger Flehnish was made the Grand Guard of the Erbanian, and given a gift, and the province of Baenin's Deep returns to the fold. Queen Swordwraith's inviation of alliance with William Moergan of Osoerde failed miserably. William Moergan sent back 'the spies' of Jaison Raenech without thier bodies. William Moergan is convinced that he is now fighting a two front war with him in the middle.

Thurazor: In a move to placate the Bugbears that were attacking the trade routes, the Grand Abbot decreed an open enlistment for a war, which he then proceded to declare on Cariele. In another unexpected event, the Grand Abbott declared a Finance Minister to encourage trade, which is odd since they are attacking a Trade Nation.

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