Monday, January 9, 2012


The Thousand Year Game

"The games that Gods play with mortals is nothing compared to that which Monarchs play with peasants. The Thousand Year Game is more then a description, it is what the intention is. What steers the course of humanity? Is it the powerful Royal Dynasties? Or the faith of Temples? Perhaps the influence of filthy lucre of the Guilds? Or something even more unfathomable?"

Welcome to the Thousand Year Game. In this campaign, we are charting the course of human history on Cerilia. The setting of the Birthright Campaign setting from TSR. This is going to be a bit different. Instead of focusing on the adventures of kings fighting Ogres (how did that ever make sense anyway?), it is focused on the political workings.

As above, is it the Royal lineages? The guilds? Is it something pulling the strings behind the throne? The point is that there is a Thousand Years, but there can only be one ruler. Eventually power MUST be consolidated. War, fortune, prayer, or magic. It doesn't matter. There is only one winner.

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