Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Short Pause

Well, I had planned on doing a world update, but due to circumstances surrounding what happened today, I felt that a pause was due. Perhaps, it's because I was vague about what I wanted. So let me explain it a bit better.

The format is what I am sending you. It is not a list of options. It is the outline of everything you need to do. There are two important documents that I've sent to everyone. The first is your Domain Record Sheet. That document is typically marked DomainDRS.rtf file. The other is the 1Kgame.rtf file. These two documents are what contain the game in its entirety. You have to refer to both of them to take your turn correctly.

What I typically send is in this format:

In italics, I give a brief thought on what is going on in the world. I try to be deep about it, but it will typically be stupid.

1. Event- These are things that you need to react to during your domain action. These can either be random events, or other domain's responses to your previous actions. Sometimes they are beneficial, most often they are not.
2, et al. These are the rest of the things that you do during your turn. This information and choices can be found in the 1Kgame.rtf file. Just look at the number you are wanting to do something with, and scroll through the document to find the information you are looking for.

Now, what I would like to show you is what Doug did on his first action. This is typical of what I would like to see in the future. Turn 2 will commence after I get these. I also will call out the notes that I gave Doug in italics. Some of the things that you do will not be successful, and some will not turn out the way that you think that they will.

Doug Year 1 Spring-

1. Random Event: Fued- The families of Partica and Dherene have begun a fight over the dowery of young Lady Partica, which has spilled over into the streets of Gheadan Forge in the Bellam Plains Province, this reduces its law level to 1 until retectified.

For this matter I will send my skilled Lieutenant Teisera of Shieldhaven, who is the court bard (5th Level, Anuirian, Unblooded). She is well skilled in the art of diplomacy and calming difficult situations. And will most likely be able to sooth whatever the situation is that has caused this feud.

This action was resolved fairly, Bellam Plains will collect one less GB and no RP in the next turn.

2. Collect Regency Points: One point per level of Province and Holding (max of ten, unless Blooded Character, then max of Blood line)

Collected 24 Regency Points

Total Previous Accumulated: 56 RP... (So, 80 Available)

Total Treasury: 15 GB

3. Income Phase (Taxation, Guild Fees, Trade Routes)

Moderate Taxation (using online randomized roller... with permission)

Caercas: 4 GB
Ghoried: 3GB
Abbatour: 3 GB
Bellam: 2 GB
Duerlin: 4 GB
Edlin: 3 GB
Fairfield: 1 GB

Total Collected: 20 GB

4. Pay Maintence Costs

Domain Maintenance Cost: 3 Gold Bars (14 total Provices/Holdings)
Court Maintanance: 3 Gold Bars
Blacktower Castle (Level 4 Castle): 1 GB
Military Payroll and Maintenance: 11 GB

Total Costs: 18 GB (This could be tough... especially considering I lucked out with some high rolls this time around)

Total Available for Costs: 17 GB

5. Declare Free Actions.


6. First Domain/Realm Action

Domain Diplomacy... toward Arenwe. Request for an alliance, both in trade and mutual protection. As a sign of good will, no attempts will be made to expand the size of settlements within Abbatour, thus leaving the Erbanian untouched and open for the mystical needs of Arenwe for the forseeable future.

Total Cost: 1 GB
Total Regency: 1 RP


7. Second Domain/Realm Action
Rule: (Domain Action): Increase the province of Caercas from 4/1 to 5/1
GB Cost: 5
RP Cost: 5

Caercas is now a 5/0 province. Improving the level of people decreses the amount of available mebhaiglin.

8. Third Domain/Realm Action

Rule: (Realm Action): Improve Law Holdings within the realm

Caercas Law improves from 2 to 3:
Ghoried: Improves from 1 to 2
Abbatour: Improves from 1 to 2
Bellam: No improvement
Duerlin: Improves from 1 to 2
Edlin: Improves from 1 to 2
Fairfield: Improves from 1 to 2

Total GB Cost: 6 GB
Total Regency Cost: 13 RP


Remaining Treasury after Realm turn: 5 GB (Pretty much drained it did I not... such is the cost of solidifying my realm)

Regency Cost: 19 RP

Remaining RP: 61 RP

Some of this stuff will require an update to Doug's RoesoneDRS.rtf sheet. This is if you do it, but if you don't want to, I can do it for you. If you do not have a DomainDRS.rtf document, please let me know.

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