Saturday, January 21, 2012

Year 1- Summer

The Public Record

Aerenwe: Three butterfly winged ships came out of the sky, and landed in Shadowgreen! The ships turned out to be filled with Elves! They and Queen Swordwraith moved the humans out of the territory and allowed the Elven Armada the province. This has confused most of the subjects of the land, many of whom were displaced by these sky elves. High Mage Aelies took to the crafts and began the 'Extraterristial Imports' for Queen Swordwraith.

Roesone: Baroness Roesone personally lead a diplomatic envoy to Illien to smooth over the ruffled feathers of Rogr Aglondier. Then returning, Baroness Roesone spent time in Bellam strengthening the ties between the throne and the province (Agitating for the Baroness). New trade routes were opened between Roesone/Illien and Roesone/Aerenwe.

Rhoube: Rhoube Manslayer has begun blantantly watching the elven courts. He is not pleased with thier rulers. He has not showed up personally, but he is angry.

Thurazor: The Grand Abbott was assassinated, in mysterious circumstances, his new finance minister decided to take over and continued the war with Caralie. However, the increase of taxation caused the Provinces to rebel. This has thrown Thurazor into disarray.

Dhoesone: After forging a money for food pact with Taurhievel, The Baroness of Dhoesone passed a decree about the usage of magic on subjects within Dhoesone, while this has made the general population happier, those who use magic are actually quite angry. This is having unforeseen consequences, since the clergy can no longer legally use healing magics on the injured. However, this has not resulted in any major problems since the Baroness is consolidating her Law holdings and expanding those she does not have.

Taurhievel: There is a drought in one of the provinces, but this seems to be alivated by the food for cash scheme with Dhoesone.

Sielwode: The southern province of Iscare is beseiged by Earth Elementals. No action was taken against them, and the people are losing faith in their queen.

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