Sunday, January 22, 2012

Timing & Play Minutiae

So, I was thinking. It seems that we have a significant amount of players who are responding only periodically. I understand that real life gets in the way occasionally. Now, there are some things we can do about this (and a numbered list)-

1. If you are going to be unable to play a turn, then you submit a partially completed form for two days worth of actions. You may want to keep an action open to deal with 'random events' that may come up.
2. Monday-Friday play only. People do shit on the weekends, its real, its what normal people do.
3. Two day turns. Instead of one turn a day, we do one turn every two days.

Here's some play minutiae to talk about. (Another numbered list, YAY!)
1. I am thinking of restructuring free actions to take place at any time during your turn. That way you can take advantage of what your Domain actions do.
2. Character actions are very vague. I am thinking of dumping the lot of them into either free or Domain actions.
3. Some extra game things that you may not realize; You can improve your bloodline SCORE through spending RP (ie the amount of RP that you get per turn), this does not effect your Bloodline Strength (ie the cool special powers you get). So it is entirely possible to have a Minor bloodline with a score of 100. It is rare that Bloodline Strength goes up, maybe once a hundred years or so.
4. Different classes get different free actions. Priests can agitate, Thieves can use Espionage. Also, different classes gain Regency from different types of holdings (but everyone gets it from Provinces), those noted with a star gain 1/2 the holdings level in Regency. Guild- Thief, Ranger, Bard*. Law- Warrior, Priest*, Thief*. Source-Wizard. Temple- Priest, Paladin.

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  1. I am honestly fine with whatever the majority goes with....the idea for 1 turn taking 2 days sounds like a good idea. Gives more time for people to decide what they want to do... less a feeling of getting rushed.

    We should be able to have fun with the game, not feel like it is a second job. ;-p